Kaleb Siverly


As a trainer, my focus is to bring the most potential out of each and every client. I've been a competitive bodybuilder since I was 18, so that forced me to look at every potential avenue for growth and optimization and I've implemented that into my coaching style as well. Growing up playing sports and whatnot, I fed my competitive appetite and now I do what I love coaching competitors and lifestyle clients to their goals as well.

Fresh out of high school, I worked at and then managed the personal training department for big box gyms. It didn't take me long to realize that the sales pressure and quotas took the passion out of training, so I decided to branch off on my own and go independent. Since then I've been able to help hundreds of people with their fitness goals. Just over the last 2 years of coaching competitive bodybuilders, I've had plenty of success winning some overalls and some pro cards in various bodybuilding leagues. I aim to become a high-level IFBB Pro and high-level coach as well. As of right now, my best placing is 4th at North Americans in Welterweight