Lianna McCall


I have been in the fitness industry for the past 9 years and operating a machine called the NeuX Pro under my business NeuLevel Performance for over 3 years.

I have years of training on the technology and have worked with countless athletes on the NeuX to help them enhance muscle contractibility while training, improve movement patterns, and relieve pain.
The NeuX utilizes a signal called (INS) Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulus which runs alongside the nervous system innervating the muscle tissue in the area of dysfunction by lengthening the muscle tissue fully and allowing for a deeper and more effective contraction.
It eliminates neurological compensation patterns and allows for the muscle to build back stronger and more functional, preventing future injuries.
The signal places the users nervous system under maximal, tolerable stress, increasing muscle firing capabilities and retrains the neurological pathway from the brain to the muscle. This improved neurological pathway stays intact, long after the machine is being used.
The NeuX technology also allows for the restoration of blood flow to the dysfunctional area and enhances the healing and rehabilitation process, making it extremely useful for healing injuries and post-surgery recovery. If you’re looking to take a training session to the next level or improve dysfunctional muscle tissue or movement patterns, reach out today and let me help you unlock your true potential!

IFBB Professional Athlete (2018)

B.S. Sports and Exercise Science / Human Performance (2017)

NASM Personal Trainer (2015 - Present)