Pamella Ribeiro


I have been involved in the Fitness industry for the past 19 years, including dance classes, gymnastics, and sports in general. Because of my passion for the lifestyle, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at first and my personal trainer license in 2021 to further develop and continue practicing what I’m passionate about.
After many years of working in Sports and Dance, I discovered a new passion while competing on my first bodybuilder show as a Wellness athlete, and as well as my category I am also originally from Brazil.

I offer personalized workouts and one-a-one sessions, as an affordable option for the one-a-one sessions you can team up with a friend and come train together for each session. I’ll help you achieve your goals from starting & continuing your weight loss journey to hypertrophy or fitness in general.

I also have an Online Coach Program complete with a Training & Nutrition Plan full of details and 100% customizable to your needs and new Lifestyle. In addition to that, you will also gain exclusive access to the My Team page where you can find different recipes, workout videos, how to execute the exercises, and find a fantastic group of friends to help support you in this journey.

If you’re looking for a personal workout class full of hard work with a touch of the Brazilian flare, reach out to me and we can schedule your Free First Session!

Phone: 4693184922
IG: @pamellaribeiro_