Ray Baker


Training Style

Customized. I build, alter, and fit my client's training to their individual specifications. Every client has particular strengths and restraints. My objective is to build on those restraints to motivate and push each client beyond what they feel is possible to achieve each individual goal. In most sessions, my clients may consider me “evil” but at the end of the day, they trust the process and love the result.

Knowledge and Education

I feel my most essential tool is the experience each client teaches me as they push to achieve their goals. Along with the knowledge each client instills, my personal experiences as a multi-sport athlete, physique competitor, and medical student help me identify methods that I can carry over to my clients for continued success. Whit the science of training relentlessly progressing I make sure to stay up to date using tools such as social media, fitness forums, and of course my …destination family.

Training Philosophy

My clients can expect to be challenged beyond their comfort zone to spawn dramatic results. I make it a mission to not only listen to me in the gym but to trust me as well, being confident that discussions and questions between us stay between us. Competition prep, athletic training, and event goals of the weight room and the kitchen, knowing my clients feel they can discuss those challenges with me I feel is also part of my job as a trainer and a coach.