Tanner Duryea


My name is Tanner. I have been an online fitness coach and trainer for the past 5 years. I have worked with hundreds of clients ranging from average gym goers to bodybuilding competitors to professional athletes. I come from an athletic background having played collegiate lacrosse and receiving my Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from Utah State University. My love for bodybuilding came from owning a supplement store where I learned an extensive amount about supplements, nutrition, and competition.

My training comes in the form of muscle gain, fat loss, athletic performance, and overall physique development. My passion is helping people. Most of the people I work with are hungry and ready to do what's required, they just need the correct path to follow in order to get there. They need the guesswork taken out. I pride myself on the ability to do so and to tailor the plan uniquely to each individual. My goal is to help people unlock all of the physical and mental benefits that come from reaching their full potential.

I will push you to be great. I promise you won't look back.