Tonya Babb Rowe


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Core & Multi-Planar Specialist



Being involved in athletics my entire life, I developed a passion for training and coaching when my son’s high school football team needed a strength coach. Having competed in NCAA sports during college and equestrian sports for over 45 years, I had a very rudimentary philosophy regarding training for strength and conditioning.

Immediately I became a student of human anatomy and physiology and worked one on one with the student-athletes and their coaches. Having been a high school teacher for many years, communicating with the students and motivating them to strive for their best was natural. Through working in conjunction with the coaching staff, the team excelled and ultimately won a regional championship.

In between my son’s high school and college experiences, we spent summers in Dallas where he trained with former Dallas Cowboy Jesse Holley and continued his coaching through Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney. Several summers I spent as an intern at MJP and studied under some training specialists. I was able to work with collegiate, semi-pro, and pro athletes. Some of which I continue to work with independently.

I love working with all age groups and ability levels. I enjoy being challenged by each person’s individual and personal goals and designing workouts that involve exacting multi-planar movement and energizing activation of muscle groups.

Having had the opportunity to train not only elite athletes but military and first responders as well as governmental security, I have had tremendous experiences in functional strength training.

I am very passionate about creating each workout to suit each individual.